Security 101, What You Need To Know To Survive On The Internet

The Internet offers many opportunities to its users. But it also has a dark side, that many users are unaware of, or chose to ignore. In Security 101, we discuss five aspects that ever Internet user needs to know to protect the computer, data, and identity online.

  • In downloads, we discuss the dangers of downloading files from the Internet, and options to make sure the file downloads are safe before executing them on the local computer.
  • In Privacy, we discuss privacy related topics like identity theft, and offer advise how to avoid it.
  • In Phishing, we explain the concept, and provide the means to avoid phishing forever.
  • In Spam, we detail how spammers find email addresses, and what you can do to protect your email from them.
  • In Updates, we discuss the importance of keeping the computer system, and its software up to date to avoid leaving the system’s vulnerable to attackers.

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The Phishing Flow Chart

Here is a handy phishing flow chart that can help inexperienced computer users in analyzing potentially dangerous emails. Check out our how to identify phishing attacks guide for additional information and tips on phishing attacks.

The flow chart basically walks a user through the analysis of an email. It begins by identifying the sender and then checking consecutively if the email contains links or attachments and if it requests personal information.

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