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  1. hi ,I’ve been trying to to log in for more than 6 months .but I was not able now iam very lucky .

  2. I have used the same e-mail account and the same password since I first starting using Facebook. For the past two weeks, every time I try to log on, a box pops up telling me that I have entered an invalid e-mail and password. I have sent three e-mails asking you people to fix this. What is the problem?

  3. I keep getting logged off Facebook Lite, despite entering the proper info and checking “keep me logged in.” After about 1/2 hour of normal activity, the “login” box pops up. I have to then repeat the process and start all over again. If I try to post something I just composed by clicking the button and the “login” box appears, my entire posting is lost. This is extremely frustrating, because it takes me a long time to write and format and many times I can’t remember exactly what it was so I can rewrite it. Until about 3 weeks ago, I was able to log in and stay on perfectly ok. I use a Kyocera M2000 phone with Opera Mini. Regular is ok on my puter.


  5. You might want to check your cookie settings as this is where the information are stored that you are logged in. If your mobile browser clears the cookies every 30 minutes or does not save them for longer than say 10 minutes or so you see a login prompt again,

  6. Well you should have different login data (username and password) that determines which account is accessed. One easy way of handling this is to use either different web browsers on your computer (one for you, one for your husband) or create different profiles if possible in the one that you are using.

  7. I cannot get into facebook. it has been one week and nothing i have tried works, please help me as facebook is 90% used daily 7 days per week.I thank you for helping me, God bless you

  8. My wife is a member,now I tried to get on but as we only have one computer and one address..it won’t let me sign on ..both my wife and I use the same web address..how cam I sign on..??

  9. Hi! I tried to get on to my facebook account, but the url sends me to and not http://www.facebook.com what’s going on??? Why can’t i find facebook log in page??? When I googled facebook it sends me back to still… and then when i do click on other facebook sites that google gave me it goes to this page saying I’m forbidden to be in facebook… are you playing a trick on me?? Please Reply!

  10. For the last week a blank screen comes up when i try to log in,when i finally do manage to get on i cant send or recieive any requests sometimes they just dissapear,and the screen will go blank if i god forbid want to travel away from the home site please tell me you guys are working on this its very frustrating.I’v been using my my space way more because of it!

  11. Phyllis well that depends on the error message that you are getting. Phishing usually means that an attacker got hold of your account login data. The attackers often change the password of the account, but not always.

  12. Mega, you may have a worm or virus on your computer. I suggest you research topics on Google Redirects and download a good antivirus software to scan your system.

  13. Well that’s only natural if you are using the same web browser. You need to log out of the account before you exit the page.

  14. Cass, it depends on a few factors. Is someone else having access to your PC? If that is not the case you might have a computer virus on your computer that submits your passwords to another person.

  15. My husband & myself share the one computer, when I go to logon in facebok his profile come up I cant acess my account ? Is there a way to log in to my own facebook account? How do I do so?

  16. Agnes, if you share a computer you either need to make sure that you log out after using Facebook, or use different browser profiles / web browsers to log into the site.

  17. Larry, you need to use another email address, as the Facebook accounts are linked to email accounts. It is not possible to use two accounts and only one email address.

  18. I’m on vacation in ms. there’s no internet where i’m staying so i goes to the libuary to get on the net, when i trie to get on my facebook acct. i get a message that the site is block, it has a tab for relogin to put and your name and password which i do but i still can’t get in what’s the problem help me please!!!

  19. Well if you get the message that Facebook is blocked, then access to the website has been blocked by the library.

  20. Hi every one

    Wonder done by face book all over the world.

    My friend told me to join face book is having fantastic, supper faster,cool and manner drive.
    You miss, you loss.

  21. I can’t seem to log off of my FB. I log out, (do not have the log in box checked) and turn the computer off. The next day my husband turns the computer on, goes to Facebook to log in and my email and password are still there!

    I don’t want to be logged in all the time.


  22. I’ve been trying to log on fb since last night 08/28/10, my email address/password keeps coming back invalid which i’ve been using since i joined fb, i even tried to reset it, & it still dosn’t work, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON I’VE SENT SEVERAL EMAILS & NO ONE REPSONDED BACK YET…THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!

  23. I cannot log on to facebook and for some or other reason i can only invite certain people or thing but i cannot invite the people i know,so what seems to be the problem and i never really invited people i did not know so can you help please.


  25. I have been treying to log1n 2 my farmville and I cant!!! what is happening please help I was a nice farmer then!!! and what is happpening to my facebook today? I cant login

  26. Im having a problem wording in my FB page is so funny even though some words are in English as well as comments written by people but the rest of things is in this funnt language or signs. I chose English but i don’t know why its like that i cannot comment in people things cause i can’t find comment or word thats says “Like this” or word “Comment” can’t find. I really don’t know even when someone has poked me i cannot read that i’ve been poked as wording is in a wording that i don’t understand

  27. I can´t log in my facebook it says that Facebook company have changed the page Do anyone now the new one?

  28. my problem is that face book is habit-forming, i have to limit the time, because it will fly trying to catch up on all the news. i do appreciate the promptness of the policy of handling any situation where unfit language or content is used, and you are able to “block” or report the offender. thank you, mb

  29. My account says same no email associated with this account. yet my email is unchanged on profile and friends can still interact with my farmville!I get email so its not that either!Run around from facebook for a month and a week!

  30. I am unableto login-messagedisplayed-account temporarilysuspended due to suspicious activity.

    I have had trouble signing in too many times.What is the problem?

  31. can u please tell me how to confirm my account?my confirmation code has been sent to me but i do not know how to carry further operations please help

  32. I opened an account…sent emails to a few persons however I was told for security purposes I must enter my cell phone number…after inserting my telephone number from the CARIBBEAN i was informed that this was a wrong number? 599 was our previous code…on the site it still has the same code for St. Maarten..the code has since changed to 721…I cannot access this account who do I write to how do I fix this problem..this is crap

  33. When I open my fb account, everything comes in a straight line downwards and i cannot access anything.

  34. I am open the account.It is very useful for more information and share more knowledge.

  35. it is hard to log in to face book / from your log in helper , I don t need no helping , just let me log in // just waste of time is to come to your face book / log in / helper /// 40 minutes of my time has been wasted

  36. why getting whiped out / this is my 4th times , that I am leaving comment /// it is waste of times to come to this site // I just need to log in / in to the Face book /// do not need helper/ Face book/ log in thats all …. wasted 45 minutes of my time and did nt even let my comment to be posted /////

  37. I cannot sign up for Facebook even when I use a different email account and password from my husband’s it will not allow me to have separate account. Why not?

  38. i cannot get into my facebook account. I have tried several ways. it seems like it has just been wiped out.
    please tell me the correct way to login. thank you

  39. I am shafiqulislam.i have none any computer.There is a computer in our school. There i open a facebook in a large hobby.But suddenly my facebook has bloged.Ican not login my facebook. but it is very important for me.So, I request to you that oppen my facebook at any cause. Thank you very much.

  40. I use my facebook yesterday on my phone and it wont allow me to login out for some reason and on the screen of my phone only show up the is loading but nothing show up.i need help plz

  41. Have been trying to get the information about AUAS MOTORS but couldnt find. How to go about this ma gents?

  42. i can’t connect to the facebook for almost 2 days the message is wabepage not available my question is this only my computer couldnt connect? how about the other because i heared that they’re still using face book but to my pc couldnot ill use google crome mozilla and torch browser. any suggections pleaseee help me. thankss

  43. I tried at least 25 times to log on ,but it just never happens. my family must think I have no use for them or just don’t try to contact. I for one am getting very pi–ed about this crap. Either fix it or lose another customer, I’m sick of this mess.

  44. I can not log in it’s telling me wrong password and it’s been the same one the last 3 1\2 yrs since I created this one.cause of a stalker and you guys did nothing!!!!!!!!! So please please please help me get this fixed please and thank you and god bless you

  45. To whom you Facebook workers please fix my log in with my password. I have a windows 8 phone and I have had the same password since I started Facebook.now its doing this and I was on it 10 min or more before it did this. I have a prepaid plain and paid to use the my Facebook account and I can’t believe it.please fix this asap .please and thank you god bless you help me please!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Hi,I forgot ma password n I was just log in wthout email adress and my password.I made a mistake of loging out n nw m failing 2 log in.may u please help me

  47. I am now; after 2 months of now having to get a new laptop because In was hacked so badly on my FB acct, having tried for TWO MONTHS now in EVERY way to restore my acct; being forced to go to news media due to the inept help have received from FB!!! Not only had my acct been hacked over 11 times, I was completely locked out of my own laptop. I now have a new one and EVERY time I have been told I would receive a new password (temporary) BY PHONE; NOT ONCE have I been contacted by my new phone #!!!! I have had ENOUGH already. I keep being directed in circles; even by “Impressum” and have finally had it. I have even had someone add themselves to my Paypal acct.!! I have been left now with no choice but to take this to FOX News, where I am already told I will be given coverage. I have found NO HELP in FB “Forums” or in ANY of the help sections, as, like I said, I have been led in circle after endless circle. Last chance FB…it’s now or never and you have until this Tuesday before I go national. Tracey L. Valentine

  48. I am un able to reset my password of which I forget on my Facebook account, several Months I have bee trying but to no avail reason being not having an access to my gmail account. Help me please to get access to my email address

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