The Use Of Temporary Email

Temporary email – also known as disposable email or anonymous email – are on the fly generated email addresses. If you wanted to sign up for a website for instance you could use an email address from one of the many disposable email providers to do that without visiting the provider before to create the email. For the technical interested, they use something called catch-all that notices every email that is send to a specific domain (the part after the @) and provide access to it.

Temporary email services are very handy if you want to protect your primary email address or if you are forced to signup for an account to access information.

Here are a few temporary email providers that you can use this way

  • to create email address on page before using it)

Those are just five of the many services out there. If you search for “disposable email service” or “temporary email providers” for instance you will find a lot more.

temporary email

Advantages of using a temporary email service

  • You do not use your primary email address which means potentially less spam that is send to the main address
  • You do not need to create an account at most. Simply enter an email address, e.g. in the email field on the signup form and the email will be send to that account. You can check the email then at the website

Disadvantages of using a temporary email service

  • Most emails are public which means that they should not be used to create accounts that you intend to use regularly as anyone could request a password to be send to that account to log into your user account
  • Many admins ban these email providers. They usually miss a few and many, like yopmail, provide alternative domain names that can be used to signup without problems

Situations in where you might be inclined to use temporary emails

  • You want to download a software but the developer requests an email address before you can do so
  • You want to access information, e.g. in a forum, but are requested to signup first to login with an account
  • You want to comment on a blog or website
  • You want to sign up for a service that should not be linked to you (health, law or adult related for instance)

There are probably more situations where those disposable email accounts come in handy. We prefer to use yopmail as it works excellent and provides lots of alternative domain names that one can use to sign up on the Internet.

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