The Phishing Flow Chart

Here is a handy phishing flow chart that can help inexperienced computer users in analyzing potentially dangerous emails. Check out our how to identify phishing attacks guide for additional information and tips on phishing attacks.

The flow chart basically walks a user through the analysis of an email. It begins by identifying the sender and then checking consecutively if the email contains links or attachments and if it requests personal information.

The red end points define potentially dangerous emails while the blue end point an email that is likely safe.

6 thoughts on “The Phishing Flow Chart”

  1. this is a good chart, but you need a “no” connector from the “is the attachment executable” decision box draw to the “are links in the email?” decision box.

  2. Pmetro if you follow the way you notice that a connector leads from saving the attachment locally to checking if the email has links.

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