How Yahoo Account Key works: sign-in without password

Yahoo announced the launch of Account Key less than a month ago. The new system enables Yahoo account owners to sign-in to company products such as Yahoo Mail without using a password.

Passwords are without doubt one of the main security- and usability-related issues on today’s web.

They need to be secure as you don’t want attackers to easily brute-force or guess them, but that means that you may have issues remembering them.

And forgetting a password often ends in a lengthy recovery process that, depending on service involved, may even require you sending proof of identification to the service.

Yahoo Account Key uses a simple system to let users sign-in to Yahoo accounts without using passwords.

Basically, it replaces the requirement to enter a password with the requirement to use a mobile phone for that purpose instead.

So how does it work?


First thing you need to do download, install and set up the Yahoo Mail mobile application on a mobile device the app supports.

Once that is out of the way, you need to link your mobile phone number to the Yahoo account as well.

Whenever you visit the Yahoo website to sign in to your account, you only have to enter your username on the site.

Yahoo Mail displays a notification on your mobile phone after you submit the username on the website which that you use to confirm or deny the request.

If you confirm it, you will be signed in to the Yahoo account automatically on the web without having to enter the account password.

The benefit of using Account Key

The main benefit of Yahoo Account Key is that you don’t need to remember your account password anymore during sign-in. While it is still recommended to keep it safe as you may need it to sign into apps for example, it is not needed anymore to sign in to Yahoo if you have your mobile phone at hand.

The process of logging in to Yahoo takes longer though which is a trade-off. This is especially true if you are using a password manager to sign in to your account normally as most of it is automated when you do.

This does not mean that Account Key is completely useless in that situation. If you need to sign in from third-party devices sometimes, a library PC or a friend’s tablet, then you may not be able to use the password manager to assist you in the log in process.

Here is a video that demos Yahoo Account Key

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