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  1. I have tried repeatedly (25+ times) to sign in to my hotmail email account and can’t even get to the sign-in page as a rule. The IE8 browser I’m using states “To protect your security, Internet Explorer has blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors. Click here for options…” When I “click here”, I see “Display Blocked Content” “What’s the Risk?” and on a line below that, “Information Bar Help.”
    when I click on “Display Blocked Content” I SOMETIMES get “Microsoft Account: Account: Sign-in and Sign-up,” “Privacy and Safety,” and “Profile” When I click on “Sign-in and Sign-up” I get: Forgotten Password or Other Problems Signing In” When I click on that option, I get: “Microsoft Account Help” “How-To”, then the loop starts all over again. No matter which browser I use, IE 8, Chrome or Firefox 18.0.2, the results are the same. What have you people done to HoTMaiL that I can’t access my email account? And don’t try to reach me at hotmail.com because you CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try me at robellis1945@q.com…that email account is one that I can still access.

  2. cannot get into my acct. I know my password.every thing is screwed up since you changed to outlook. had no trouble before.david w. lane

  3. I have tried a lots of times last week so I gave up as I paid foe some satlite stuff that was my last email sent to my Hotmail account which cost me 25 pounds and I need the info please asap thankyou

  4. i have the exact same problem, icannot access my hotmail account to the point i am questioning is this a scam? or am i being hacked? what the hell have you done? i do not wish to change my name nor do i wish to use an existing account! Sort it out you have made a simple process complicated an frustrating to say the least. To protect my security????? i cant even bloody see my own stuff. Who is being paid god knows how much money to come up with this crap idea???? Very annoyed i know need to hire a profestional to help me view my own email,why??????? If it aint broke dont fix it?

  5. I have come back from my hols only to find I cannot even get a sign in page up, only a blank white one.
    I have tried god knows how many times to get help to sign but can’t.
    I need a live chat for someone to talk me through this annoying problem.
    Does anyone have any idea what to do?

  6. I have tried numerous time to log into my Hotmail account. I’ve followed all of the instructions
    I’ve found including setting up an outlook account so you can e-mail to tell me the problems.
    It seems as though there are many others the same problems. I need to get an answer asap, as
    We order our meds by e-mail.

  7. i can not get into my e-mail account. i do not have the old phone # to send a code too, and the other option ask for info i will not post. such as credit card info. fix this problem

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  9. this is crap had this account for yrs and yrs and need to let frends know we are doing ok what gives

  10. Trouble with signing in to HOTMAIL are getting worse. I am wasting my time and doing damage to my business. By using a computer other than my own I CAN GET TO MY HOTMAIL. However, bye-bye HOTMAIL.

  11. I have purchased a new lap top and can not access account as wants to send a code. Problem is the system says an error and cant send code. I have been on your live support with no help from the back room. I hear this is a problem on a lot of computers with new Microsoft installed. I need help soonest or will buy an apple mac!

  12. I’ve been locked out for over a year because I forgot my password…tried to change it over 25 times… But hotmail won’t cooperate…. Not my idea of a good time…wish I could delete the entire account!

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