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  2. i constantly have a sign in error and cannot access my email from both email accounts with gmail and one of them i use for work. Can you please help me out with this.My other email account is..

  3. I am not able to login into gmail.com and orkut from mobil…. Can any one help in how to get login to these sites…

  4. i am having problems when am loggin on ma facebook by gmail account, can any1 give me an advice if wat can i do? it alwys tellin me dat ma email is not being known on dis account.

  5. i’m a mariner and completely depending on various service providers like gmail to be in touch with my friends & family from different countries arround the world, but nowadays i couldn’t make it through the gmail, can’t even logon!!

  6. It’s to Harder loge in @ gmail day by day and i am verry much surprised when Google is giving mirror image, “SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE/CORPORATION”

  7. I am finding it difficult to log in. In fact I am unable to login at this point of time.Please help me.

  8. My old mother’s computer has broken down and I cannot access her gmail account for her. I use AOL and find Gmail says I must have an account.

    I do not not want a gmail account, but want to access her account for her. The USA system is totally mad, she has give me her pass word and wants my help. Now I have to drive her down town to a computer shop.

    Gmail is NOT GLOBAL Gmail is NOT GLOBAL. I would sell their stock as they are not giving consumers what they need and are just resting on being the number one.

  9. I keep getting a message that says name and/or password is incorrect I keep trying to fix it but impossible. What’s going on. I haven’t recieved my email in several days. Change over from yahoo because same thing. Now this.

  10. relating to the above email the password appears and the display will be there.how can i get the blank password space?

  11. I have SO much trouble with your gmail. Today i cannot find how to login to my long-standing account. Amazing – I enjoy gmail, but it take forever to get into it.

  12. I don’t remember my password and have only had 1, but I have to remember one of my passwords to get a password reset. And they want to know when I originally signed up for the account? I don’t know, I signed up on my phone but it wont let me access it on my computer. But I cant print files from by phone. I think I just need to get rid of gmail and find another service.

  13. i receive mail < unable to acsess from my computer . note: this account does not exist.

  14. i had gmail account i changed it yesterday and i have messed up, i would like to reset it up again because i want to setit up on my tablet, so could you help me out? many thanks

  15. I have forgotten my gmail password but each time I am asked the last password as a condition to proceed. I don’t understand. Please help!

  16. im realy disapointed in the service that is bieng given its slow n its trouble to log in

  17. Dear gmail guider,
    i have open 2 step veryfication. now i have lost my phone.
    so i am not opening my account. please help me sir.

  18. I can’t stand trying to get into my gmail account now, I have a hard time every time I try! They always want you to download something and you still never get to sign in it is always asking you to do something! Stay with yahoo plain and simple you get your mail always!

  19. I have a hard time trying to log into my gmail account! They are always asking you to join something or download notification whatever? I simply want to receive my mail and go! I’ll stay with Yahoo! Thank You very much google!

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  21. I forgot my password some weeks ago. Since then I have tried to open my mail a/c with a new a/c but to no avail. The so-called recovery form asks me when I first started in Gmail. I can’t remember as it’s years! Also when I started using other aspects. I can’t remember that either; that’s also years.
    To say your help department is HELPLESS – even HOPELESS, is the understatement of the year. Other providers give us a phone number to contact. Not you of course.
    So for some weeks – possibly months, I have been unable to contact some of my most important customers by e-mail I have even been in contact with Computer Active for their advice – legal or ha ha ha!.
    Can someone get in touch with me for some sensible and grown up advice?
    Geoff Hunt

  22. This is frustrating that Yahoo has taken over and I can’t get into my gmail account. That is no way to get someone to like Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. this is not ridiculously funny because every time i try to open my account it would ask for verification and i don’t have the registered no. any more, cannot access the gmail account and my first cousin’s name is said to be wrong. what should i do? pls suggest

  24. i found it hard to login to my mail box infact there is no room to login at all so pls if u people should try and do something bcos using gmail these days is getting boring hope u understand how it is for 1 unable to read its mail

  25. Why did virgin mess everyone about with this stupid Gmail system? What was wrong with the old system – it was So simple to use “IT WORKED!”

  26. can’t log on this is not what I signed up for 10yrs ago. You can’t contact me since I cannot log on. Try the phone

  27. why are you making it so hard to access my account…this is stupid.. I can not get into my account … just a simple explanation please

  28. I m not happy with that system for forgot password. it make no SENSE! if i forgot my password and ask for my email. How can i open my email if i forgot password. It need to set up secuirty question and reset password without sending to email.. I cant access my email if you sent new password to my email?

    duh? how can I get into my email if you send me new password??
    make no sense
    this is business email .. I need to get into my email]
    thank you

  29. all I want to do is read my emails why is it so hard to log in – you type gmail login and then get sent all over the place. it seems that as technology gets more advanced this simple exercise is getting harder. stop trying to flog us more crap – just let me and the rest of the plebs access our stuff signed totally pissed off!

  30. need help signing into my gmail account – very frustrating exercise – just let me log on. Im not interested in buying or downloading apps – just let me read my mail. why is this so hard???

  31. Aminu
    I have been trying to open my a/c for almost three weeks with succes.it keep on showing me wrong email address wrong pass word.I am too tired of this your service.pls, kindly do something to resolve this problem for me

  32. For the 1st time in using gmail in 10 years I am getting out of here and using another well known place that I know won’t do this to the people who use their site! Shame on you Gmail what are you thinking?
    You are chasing people away and I can bet long time users that will never tell anyone to use your site..
    Whattup with you all??? Jacie H.

  33. People move on down to Aol or hot mail or Msn the same, they don’t do this to people, I am freaked out by them by a mile, gmail you made a huge mistake….


  35. this is just great I have the right pin #and it wont connnet me I have tried to get a new one but you cant even do that.whats the problem someone tell me please?this is a brand new computer and it just sits hear not working..waisted all that’ money on something that’s simple change iinternet servives….if I don’t need my pin # for that!!!….lol

  36. mel i am sick of trying to log in to gmail i get the message pass word incorect think it may be faster to use royal mail second class nmel

  37. Am finding trouble to log into my account by using my phone, Lumia 520 but when am using Nokia X2, I log in without trouble so what should I do to deal with this problem?

  38. Have been unable to log onto my account for 3 weeks except for the odd occasion when it appears to work.
    Have been using gmail for years without any problem. What has gone wrong.

  39. I agree with all of these comments. Several people, including my brother, recommended gmail to me, so I switched over. In the beginning everything was fine. However, recently, when I go to gmail Inbox I only see part of the screen. No bars at bottom or right side to move contents up and down or sideways. Thus, I cannot read gmail except on the rare occasions when it opens correctly…about 1 or 2 times/week. I don’t have a solution except that I also am tempted to try another server. Gmail takes too much time and effort before I even see email.

  40. since i opened my account have no access to it but there some important documents i want because someone has communicated to me on phone that i check but it cant open, sometimes it is saying wrong password and sometimes not responding and i don`t know the problem please i want get access to my email within a shot period of time or else i miss up

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