What you need to know about your browser’s tracking protection

User tracking on the Internet has been in the news more frequently in recent time, even before the whole PRISM scandal shocked the nation and the rest of the world.

Tracking refers to following a user on the Internet. You should not take this in a literal sense though, as no one is watching you while you surf to follow you to the sites and servers you visit.

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Taking The Facebook Security Quiz

Are you worried about the security of your Facebook account? That someone might guess or steal your login for instance? We have covered all the need to knows in our Facebook Login Guide that details how you can make your account more secure, and how to recover it if you have forgotten your sign in information or if someone else managed to get into your account without your approval.

The Facebook Security Quit is a short quiz to raise awareness for security related issues on the popular social networking site.

Users of the social networking site can access the quiz on this page.

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Kaiser Permanente Login Troubleshooting

The Kaiser Permanente website, like many other Internet sites out there, displays a members login on the site’s frontpage. Members can use the login to sign in into a protected members area. It is only natural that part of the user base of Kaiser Permanente is experiencing sign in issues on the site. This can be attributed to technical issues on the user’s computer or issues on the KP website.

Here is a screenshot of the Kaiser Permanente members sign on form on the company homepage.

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