How Yahoo Account Key works: sign-in without password

Yahoo announced the launch of Account Key less than a month ago. The new system enables Yahoo account owners to sign-in to company products such as Yahoo Mail without using a password.

Passwords are without doubt one of the main security- and usability-related issues on today’s web.

They need to be secure as you don’t want attackers to easily brute-force or guess them, but that means that you may have issues remembering them.

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The Use Of Temporary Email

Temporary email – also known as disposable email or anonymous email – are on the fly generated email addresses. If you wanted to sign up for a website for instance you could use an email address from one of the many disposable email providers to do that without visiting the provider before to create the email. For the technical interested, they use something called catch-all that notices every email that is send to a specific domain (the part after the @) and provide access to it.

Temporary email services are very handy if you want to protect your primary email address or if you are forced to signup for an account to access information.

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The Phishing Flow Chart

Here is a handy phishing flow chart that can help inexperienced computer users in analyzing potentially dangerous emails. Check out our how to identify phishing attacks guide for additional information and tips on phishing attacks.

The flow chart basically walks a user through the analysis of an email. It begins by identifying the sender and then checking consecutively if the email contains links or attachments and if it requests personal information.

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