7 thoughts on “PayPal Login”

  1. I have charges to my Citicard account via Paypal that are not my use charges.
    Please tell me how I can change information to protect incorrect billing on the Paypal account.

  2. Todayn I have received my telephone bill, and find that you have taken £26 etc for my call to you,,november 6th,I find this to be extremely high when all I was quereing my Debit card number, i buy quite a number of things and have always paid by Paypal,but I’m afraid that after this I will restrict from paying by this method,as I can’t afford such high prices as I live on my own,and am a pensioner,so I am not as up to date as younger people who understand all about payments. thank youj

  3. i have been trying to log in but my password is not exepted this has happened before. can you help please.

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